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Feature request

Better (ISO) date format in InstantUpload folder on iOS

In the "InstantUpload" folder all uploads have a filename as follows: "iOS upload - Sun 17 May 2020 171930 - 4535.PNG" "iOS upload - ma 20 apr. 2020 221725 - 6532.PNG"

This is not properly sortable. A mixture of English and Dutch, and the Friday comes before the Monday.

I hereby propose a request to make use of the ISO-8601 date + time format, which is always correctly sortable and unambiguous. Year-Month-Date-Time ISO_8601 The files above would then be named as such: "iOS upload - 2020-05-17T17:19:30 - 4535.PNG" "iOS upload - 2020-04-20T22:17:25 - 6532.PNG"

When sorted on name it will then automagically be in chronological order as well. The day of the week is dropped from the name, but as it is a mix of English and Dutch it is non-sensical anyways. IMHO.

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