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Feature request

Sync Package for Synology NAS that doesn't use WebDAV

I love Stack storage. However....

I have a multi terabyte storage plan on Stack.

I don't have that to store a couple of word documents.

I use that (among other things) to backup my important files on my (Synology) NAS.

On that NAS I can use the package "Cloud Sync" to sync to a cloud destination. For Stack the only option is to use WebDAV for this. WebDAV is a nice thing but hardly sufficient. It has terrible limitations regarding filesize. Many of my files are too big to be synced using WebDAV.

Of course I could split those files using an archiver such as zip or rar. But in my humble opinion I shouldn't need to go through this hassle just to be able to backup my files. Of course I can use FTP to backup my files. But there is no FTP package for Synology (that I know of) that can do scheduled tasks, so that means manually starting each backup task (read: manually forgetting backup tasks).

I would really like a package for Synology NAS that is able to Sync (both one way and bidirectional) to Stack without using the WebDAV protocol.

Easiest seems to be to get Stack natively integrated in Cloud Sync (just like Amazon Drive, Google Drive, Onedrive etc already are).

If that is not feasible, than please, please supply a sync package of your own.

Did I say please, yet?


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azwartkruis 10 mei 2020 (#4390)

If possible, I would lie that very much als, because I am not able te make any connection between my Synoogy and my Stacstorage whatso ever.

So +1 !

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