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[Geïmplementeerd] Add ability to API to search for a VPS by given name

Currently it's only possible to either get all VPSes, or just one if you already know its identifier (username-vpsXX).

It would be amazing it were possible to search for a VPS by the given name. (The $description field in Transip_Vps) This could perhaps always return Transip_Vps[] which could then be empty for no results, or contain 1 or more results.

TransIP 02-03-2020: We've created an article that explains how to search for a VPS based on its description at https://www.transip.nl/knowledgebase/artikel/3309-transip-rest-api-zoeken-op-vps-naamomschrijving/ The translation is pending but will become available soon at https://www.transip.eu/knowledgebase/entry/3309

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