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[Implemented] Cloud Init

Hello TransIP,

Let me start by saying i love the service you provide however i have one gotcha with VPS deployments. The current way of installing vm's for example Debian is to go though the installer each time we launch a new instance.

This process is quite time consuming as the installer is fast but then making sure the users are removed after, transferring keys over takes a bit more time then when using automation.

Among most cloud vendors at the current moment exists a trend of using cloud native images provided from Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat / CentOS which support cloud-init.

Cloud init has become the industry standard to run bash code or other code on deployment via means of a providers API.

This feature is something that can both add value to your platform and differentiate you from other VPS providers as you are more automation friendly and seeing how well your API is i think that is something internally you also stride for.

Kind Regards! :)

Matthew Frost Director Operations

======================== TransIP June 9th: We've implemented this feature! It's available in the order process on our website and using our API.

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Matthijs van Beek Admin 10 maart 2020 (#4170)

Thanks for the compliment! We like your idea and aim to implement Cloud Init in Q2 of this year :)

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