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Feature request

STACK Android App - Enable possibility to multi-download files

Dear Stack-team,

Sometimes I would like to download multiple files to my Android phone using the STACK app. (like some music albums from my STACK-account)

Unfortunately this task is very time-consuming as I am able to download files, but only ONE file at a time.

Additionally it impossible to download a folder or multiple folders, so that means I would need to download my songs ONE by ONE which requires some hard dedicated manual work.

By selecting the files I would like to download, the "Make available Offline" is not visible. Only by selecting a file the "Make available Offline" or Download button is visible.

I use the latest Stack Android app from the Google Play Store. Version 4.1.1, Build 401001000

I will be glad to hear if this is a feature-request you are willing to work on.

Thanks in advance!


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