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[Geïmplementeerd] API Support for editing a single DNS record

We are not able to manage individual DNS entries as the current API only supports overwriting the entire zone, which means that for each individual change we have, we would have to repopulate the zone. On the other hand, there is no way to fetch the current zone (that is: all the current records).

So, in practice, it's not possible to update a single record without locally storing all the zone records, which doesn't make sense.

Can you please provide a solution for this? I'd just go for a single DNS record update by maybe extending the existing one with a flag whether we are updating an individual record or the entire zone.

26-02-2020: We've implemented this feature in our brand new REST-API. For more information, see https://api.transip.nl/rest/docs.html#domains-dns , https://github.com/transip/restapi-php-library/blob/master/src/Repository/Domain/DnsRepository.php , or our PHP REST tutorial that demonstrates this: https://www.transip.nl/knowledgebase/artikel/377-rest-api-automatische-authenticatie-in-php/ or https://www.transip.eu/knowledgebase/entry/377-transip-rest-api-automatic-authentication-php/

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gerardjp 3 april 2020 (#4266)

Complimenten aan de developers! ... Deze REST API, als opvolger op de oude SOAP setup, is opgezet zoals men van een hoogwaardige API interface mag verwachten. Cudo's!

twinvision 30 oktober 2019 (#3704)

Potential Solution / Workaround

I have found a way to retrieve your DNSEntries in the TransIP api (go). You can use the GetInfo function to retrieve all information about a specific domain: domainInfo, err := domain.GetInfo(c, "domainname")

You can then use "domainInfo.DNSEntries" to get the current DNSEntries, change 1 entry and then use the SetDNSEntries function.

thiessens 15 juli 2019 (#3314)

Any news ?? I really need some indication about this feature. Are you going to support this and if so when can we expect this function? I would at least require a response from TransIp?

swolters 11 juni 2019 (#3193)

Any news about this request?

bloksinspirations 25 januari 2019 (#2583)

We need this!

dvdbroek 7 november 2018 (#2196)

Providing simple DNS entry updates would (for me) make it easier to change the ip of a dynamic host. This is a very common use case (with already some common clients). Now I am using noip service for this and have transip dns entry point to that dynamic dns entry.

splendense 4 oktober 2018 (#2027)

This would be a very welcome addition. Then it would be possible to automate Let's Encrypt/Certbot renewals of SSL certificates though DNS entries. (mandatory for wildcard certificates)

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