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Feature request

Allow Multicast (with a limit)

Not gonna make a long story of it.

But I understand why TransIp doesn't allow MultiCast (network, bandwidth, bad usage (spam etc)).

Problem is, it instantly means I have to move away from TransIp to Azure / AWS etc. While I really like TransIp as a Dutch host, to try stuff before going into the main.

Software like Unreal Engine needs it to do multi-user editing.. And my guess is there are more.

So please allow MultiCast, under one / multiple of the following conditions:

  • The MultiCast protocol does not send more then X amount of data
  • it has to be enabled manually
  • No more then 50 IP addresses can connect (to prevent abuse).
  • Give a warning that abuse, will mean that you come on the 'black list'
  • Only allow certain ports to go through multicasting.


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