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Feature request

Improvements to the mail notifications from health checks

I have monitoring enabled on my vhost, and I get a mail titled:

$service: Server a.b.c.d is OK.

...when it recovers, and one titled

$service: Server a.b.c.d is NIET OK: HTTP FAIL, overige poorten OK.

... when it goes into fault.

When these mails arrive, gmail puts the "not ok" mails in one thread, and the "recovered" mails in another thread based on their subject lines.

There are a number of ways this could be improved:

  • Add a References: or In-Reply-To header to the recovery containing the message ID from the original fault mail
  • have each outage contain the time it starts (so each new fault mail creates a new thread): Ex: $service: Server a.b.c.d is NIET OK: HTTP FAIL starting from 1970-01-01 01:00:00, overige poorten OK.
  • provide an option to let users configure their own templates for subject/message body (offering fields like start time, end time, downtime duration, number of checks failed, host, service, ip, etc)

It might also be nice to offer web hooks for this kind of info, so I can POST to some notification/aggregation service on the internet when my ports go down.


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