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[Geïmplementeerd] Add tags to VPS API

In the control panel you can add tags to every VPS and Private Network. But in the API these are not visible at all.

Please add these to Transip_Vps and Transip_PrivateNetwork. My suggestion would be as string[].

Please also add API calls to accompany this. My suggestion:

  • public static Transip_Vps addTagToVps(string $vpsName, string $tag)
  • public static Transip_Vps removeTagFromVps(string $vpsName, string $tag)

These would both return the updated Transip_Vps. Same goes for new API calls to add/remove tags for private networks.

========================= TransIP 02-03-2020: We've implemented this feature in our new REST-API which was launched last week, see for example https://api.transip.nl/rest/docs.html#domains-domains-put and https://github.com/transip/transip-api-php/blob/master/src/Repository/DomainRepository.php

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solvari 11 oktober 2019 (#3623)

+1 and also add them to the domains please.

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