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Feature Request overzicht

Feature request

Return sensible data from API requests that now return nothing

Currently when I'm using the VpsService API, there are some calls which return nothing. Some of these calls could return a sensible value.

Take the orderVps and OrderVpsInAvailabiltyZone for example: these calls return nothing, but they could return the name/identifier of the VPS that was just created (username-vpsXX). That way you would immediately know which VPS requires more work (like installing an OS, or adding add-ons), instead of having to sift through the output of getVpses. This will greatly improve the "quality of life" while using this API.

Here are my suggestions:

CallPreferred responseOther options
orderVpsTransip_Vps of new VPSjust the name
orderVpsInAvailabilityZone""just the name
cloneVps""just the name
cloneVpsToAvailabilityZone""just the name
cancelVpsdate/time of cancellationtype of cancellation (end/immediately)
cancelAddondate/time of cancellationtype of cancellation (end/immediately)
cancelPrivateNetworkdate/time of cancellationtype of cancellation (end/immediately)
orderPrivateNetworkTransip_PrivateNetwork of new networkjust the name
createSnapshotTransip_Snapshot of created snapshotjust the name
start/stop/resetUpdated Transip_Vps-
addIpv6ToVpsstring[] of all IPv6 addresses-

My main motivation for this request is for the orderVps/orderVpsInAvailabilityZone call, but in general this would be immensely helpful to get the object (like Transip_Vps) or at the very least the identifier of each resource that was just created.

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Matthijs van Beek Admin 2 maart 2020 (#4135)

While we'd love to offer a feature like this, when you order a product we don't immediately have the name yet. The product name isn't assigned yet until a later stage, after various checks have been performed in our billing system and the order has been definitively approved.

For creating a snapshot and such it would however be possible. While we can't provide a date for implementation now, we'll be keeping this in mind for a future update.

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